Leo & Helen: The Lost City of the Americas

This epic story two mixed-race twins is filled with both mystery and fantasy. From the day they were born, there was something unique about Leo and Helen--though they didn't know it. Growing up in a normal American suburb, they didn't think they were anything special. That is, until their thirteenth birthday rolled around. That was the day that they came home to a colossal mirror in the middle of their storage room. Not just any mirror. One that they fell through and woke up on a Peruvian beach some 500 years in the past. (Huh?) So many questions get asked and a few get answered in the first of many stories championed by Leo and Helen. 

The story was originally written in 2012 as an educational video game and progressed into a young adult's novel by the end of 2014. When our writers were approached by a major film studio, we decided to venture down the road of animation and allow the story of Leo and Helen to progress organically.

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