Leo and Helen: The Lost City of the Americas is a story about a pair of pre-teen twins, who seem as normal as the next kid. That is, until they fall through a mirror, landing on a foreign beach 500 years in the past. Crazy right!? The story is filled with conquistadors, Incan warriors, telekinesis, villains, and heroes.


Leo always seems to get picked on at Lamronville Elementary School. He is the less-popular twin brother to his sister Helen—preferring books and daydreams to athletic competitions and socializing. No matter how hard he tries, things never seem to go his way. 

Helen is on the opposite side of the social-spectrum than Leo. Everyone wants to be around her and even the boys tremble with fear when she steps in, all too often, to defend her twin brother. She seems to have it all going on, and for the majority of the story she does. 

The novel about these mixed-race twins is going through the final steps in the editing process. In the meantime our writers and creative team have been approached by a production shingle to bring Leo and Helen straight to the screen! We are working around the clock to adapt our novel to a screenplay in order to have our animators bring this story to life. 

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