The Leo and Helen team is being built up as we speak. With the stories already written and characters developed by our lead author Cassius Cassidy. We have been working to employ a full animation studio to further bring the story and character to life. Lamaro Smith is an incredible artist and animator based in the Bahamas, who has done great work in getting the artwork, storyboards, graphics, and sketches to where they are now. If you'd like more direct information on our operations, team and development please contact


Cassius Cassidy a brand new writer to the space. He has reimagined a place where the seven wonders of the world are up for grabs--starting with Machu Picchu in The Lost City of the Americas. Cass has written several stories of fiction that feature mixed-race teens as the main subjects and heroes. The root of this passion is that Cass' niece and nephew (along with countless more of the world's mixed-race youth) have never had the opportunity to see a character who looks like them in popular stories--be it written or on the big screen. Learn more about Cass' passion and relationship with his late sister-in-law by hitting the play button below!

Jordan Norwood


Jordan enters this project with a background in design and first hand experience raising a pair of mixed race children with his wife, Aleah. With this first hand knowledge of the plight of finding characters in books, movies, and TV series who their children can visually identify with, creating Leo and Helen has become a more tangible mission. After playing American football at every level (little league up through an NFL Super Bowl) and in every region of the United States, Jordan knows what it looks like to interact with people that look different than oneself, both when on the same team and in opposition.